Valley Empire Collection - Over 30 Years of Experience

Main Office, 8817 East Mission Ave Suite 101

Downtown Payment Station, 1718 W Broadway

When businesses of the Inland Northwest need help recovering debt they turn to a company that has the skills necessary to get the job done. From humble beginnings in 1976 with only a shoebox full of accounts to collect, to date Valley Empire Collection has been assigned over 1.2 million listings to become the "Inland Northwest's foremost Bill Collector".

That growth is a direct result of the commitment by my father, Michael Peterson and myself. Valley Empire Collection has remained a family-owned and operated company. The company currently employs over 50 persons and shares its success with them through various benefits and incentive programs. Valley Empire Collection is commited to providing quality service and guaranteed customer satisfaction to creditors throughout the Inland Northwest.

With over 30 years of service to our customers, our goals remain the same: professional debt recovery, and better service with high returns to our clients at competitive prices. That's what Valley Empire Collection is about -- today, yesterday and for the future.